What is the best gift for a newborn baby?

 Hamzah : Acik, I’m so happy, I am father now !
Acik: Alhamdulillah.. What a great news bro. Is it a boy or a girl?

Hamzah : Alhamdulillah.. it's a boy!

Its part of our conversation, but so dilemma what kind of thing that what I should give to baby new born? I don’t have any experiences and when asking my friend.

I see a lot of my friend suggesting getting clothes of baby for a new baby. This is an ok idea, but I generally try to avoid giving clothes for one major reason the kids grow out of them so quickly! Bearing that in mind, I usually recommend something difference and can be as memories.

Ahh more difficult to make decision so I decided to ask Mr Google.

With my 100km/h typing skill, I asked Mr Google what kind of gifts are suitable for a new born. Guess what.. the first suggested site that caught my eyes was giftslessordinary.com.

Wah! Mr Google recommended a new website but I have a feeling that it must be a good website since it was a recommendation by Mr Google. When I open the website.. I just can't believe my eyes. It felt like I'm in some beautiful island with so many things full of cuteness. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in Malaysia before.

Okay im so interested with PERSONALIZED MUMMY & BABY BOYBOX

This for website: This super smart gift solves that dilemma of whether to send a gift to the new baby or new Mother by providing one for both!

Wow you understand me!! What you have?

Presented in a smart gift box, we include two personalised gifts – a soft hooded towel for baby and a hand engraved Heart Charm bracelet for Mother. You can even add heart charms to the bracelet so the recipient can wear her whole family on her wrist! We know from experience how much the new family will want to celebrate the name that has been chosen and so these gifts will stand out for their unique quality.

That awesome!

More cutie when have baby hooded tower you can add name. For braid you can chose with variety colour and then for bracelet you can either gold or silver.

  • 925 Sterling silver or 18k gold plated charm
  • Heart Charm measures 2cm x 2cm
  • Extensive choice of coloured braids
  • Hand engraved in our cursive French style
  • 100% cotton hooded towel 68cm x 68cm
  • Embroidered in blue to match the trim
  • Smart gift box included

There a lot of gift what you want, everything is so cute and reasonable price. ITs come from oversea Ultimately, it just comes down to being original and giving them something high quality that they’ll really use.

Anything you just go gifts less ordinary

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dorsett pink berkata…
Cute.. Thanks for sharing
Papaglamz berkata…
Mudha je acik, beli Set lengkap baby care yg dalam hamper yg jual kt kedai.
Mama Kembar Tiga berkata…
The heart charms are cute! Can give to twins or multiples, for tagging who's who hehehe
diaripink berkata…
The charms sooooo cute
Suria Amanda berkata…
Terus rasa nak ada baby....bestnya...
Sue Izza berkata…
comelnyaaaaaa dari pakai emas kang hilang nangis tak berlagu yg ni pun lawa gak cute je